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We choose Country Chic Paint for way more reasons than it looks FREAKING INCREDIBLE! I’m going to tell you a little bit more about this fantastic company. Country Chic is Canadian!! A family from B.C. created the Country Chic company back in January 2014. They’ve grown like crazy since then but they seriously maintain a small family business feel… They are so invested in their work and set to keep their standards extremely high! Not to mention they are environmentally sustainable… So no guilty feelings! They are also invested in a paint recycling program to ensure left over paint is recycled properly and not dumped in a landfill! And they source as much as possible from North America, to help drive our economy! When using this paint you really are doing so much more then making a piece of furniture fabulous!!

“Country Chic Paint is manufactured by a trusted paint supplier with over 80 years of experience, so you can rest assured that our product quality is top-notch. Country Chic Paint products are environmentally-conscious, very easy to work with, there’s little to no prep work, and they are fabulous for creating that popular shabby chic look. When you choose Country Chic Paint for your next project, or as a paint line to offer in your store, you should know that we are here to support you. Our customers’ success is our priority!”

It really is that amazing and that easy!!

Whether you have old furniture laying around or hey, you want a fun project for the weekend, Country Chic Paint will transform your pieces into a unique beautiful treasure!! And it’s totally user friendly. Dressers, chairs, tables or even picture frames look AMAZING when coated with Country Chic. Create the ever so trendy shabby chic look for your home. Once you’ve painted your furniture add some fun knobs and decor on top. You’ll completely refresh your home without having to buy totally new furniture.

Not to mention part of their proceeds go to Food Bank charities to help feed families in need… This paint is truly the best from the incredible product to the amazing story.

Country Chic is exactly what you need for your next project… I’m telling you TRY IT! You won’t regret it! Take a look at some of the inspiration pictures that I retrieved from the website. Get inspired and kick some furniture butt!!


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