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We’re all the queens of our own castles! But let’s be real.. Most of the time our mirrors aren’t our best friends.. So let’s talk about the best places to put them so they can do their job of enhancing our best assets!!

Mirrors are an elegant tough to any room. They can add light, space and beautiful views. They are a great way to decorate any space. You can get all sort of frames and shapes. Try a cluster of small mirrors, or an extra large mirror to expand your space.

The glorious thing about mirrors is that we all use them, they can go with any style of home! A rustic wood framed mirror can add a touch of country chic. A double edged mirror can add a splash of elegance. A thin framed mirror will fit in with any contemporary decor.

The one tiny thing about mirrors is that they reflect… and sometimes we see thing we don’t wanna see!! Am I right ??

So I’m going to share my secret tips on how to perfectly place a mirror..

Tip #1: Hang mirrors so they reflect beautiful views of nature. If you have a big beautiful window opposite to a wall, maybe try hanging a mirror to help bring nature and all of its benefits into your space. It really does help brighten any space up and make the room feel very expansive.

Tip #2: Avoid hanging a mirror in your kitchen. It can create a “cluttered” feeling. If your kitchen isn’t perfectly clean at all times (and let’s be real… it isn’t) it will reflect the mess your desperately trying to avoid..

Tip #3: If you have a narrow space in your home like a staircase or hallway add a mirror to make the space seem endless. It’s an easy and affordable way to expand any room or space.

Tip #4: There are theories that mirrors in the bedroom can disrupt a peaceful sleep. Your image should not be viewable from your sleeping position. A mirror could be bouncing energy throughout your room preventing you from sleeping.

Tip #5: Full length mirrors can be leaned against any wall to add an elegant and lengthening illusion. It creates height and expands the appearance of any room. Along with adding a touch of elegance and luxury.

Now to all my queens.. Fear not of looking in the mirror!! We must embrace our difference and show the mirror who’s boss!




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