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It’s spring!! Time to breath some life back into your home. Open the blinds and crack open your windows. Let the sun shine through and brighten up your space.

I want to let you in on the best secret to livening up your home… Greenery! Fake, real, big or small! Succulents, palm leaves, flowers… oh my! It’s truly amazing what plants can bring to your space. Instantly bringing a breath of freshness.

A very popular trend for spring 2018 are succulents. They aren’t just adorable, tiny and beautiful.. They breath life and nature into your home. They are fairly easy to maintain. Arrange them on your window sill, kitchen counter or desk. Wherever there is a touch of sunlight, they will feel happy as can be.

Here are a few tips on how to grow your succulents at home à

oPlace your succulents in windows and areas of your home with the most light

oGive your succulents LOTS of water, but not too frequently. Don’t water them daily.. That’s how you can quickly kill your little friend!

oAvoid any containers that don’t drain ex: glass

oHave fun!! These little guys will last weeks looking wonderful, even if you are a succulent killer 😉

If you aren’t so BIG on this little trend, let me tell you.. There are endless more indoor plants and arrangements to suite your home. Fake flowers and greenery in a pretty glass vase can add the perfect statement for your table centerpiece. Add arrangements to counters, shelves, window sills, tables and desks. Nothing says spring like flowers and plants.

Trends like palm leaves can add a cool breezy vibe to your space. You can find great prints of palm leaves on pillows, blankets and area rugs. Or just bring in a big ol’ pot and set yourself up with your own personal paradise.

Spring is your time to brighten up your life and breath some life into your space!!



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