5 Tips To Make Your Entryway Spectacular!

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The entryway is the first impression of your home. It’s the first space people see and can be a make or break to the vibe of your home. Luckily.. It can be the easiest and most creative space to decorate! Plus it’s a small enough space that you can make it look flipping fantastic on a dime!!

Let’s dive in to the mystical world of entry ways, shall we… A few tips that I keep in my back pocket include:

1. Always have a mirror nearby.. Whether your flying out of the house and want to check to make sure your hair is brushed or your applying lipstick. It’s the first and last spot that people will be before entering or exiting the home. It will be one of the most used mirrors in your home.. I promise. Plus.. Mirrors are totally cute and can really expand the space.

2. If there’s room add a small table or chest of drawers. You can then have extra storage for hats and scarfs!! On top you can decorate it with cute candles, flowers or a bowl for keys!! Or hey.. Why not all 3!

3. A table lamp can cast an inviting glow at night. Keep the base slim to not take up too much space. If you already have an overhead light why not make it a chandelier?? They are beautiful and a great accent to any home. They are totally customizable too, no matter your home décor you can find a fantastic chandelier!!

4. Painting the space a bold colour can really make a space pop. If it’s a dark colour try painting just one accent wall. That way it won’t shrink your space.. And it will draw the eye away from whatever mess is lurking beside it 😉

5. A runner or door mat that is patterned is a creative way to add some contrast to the space. We all need door mats for those wet and muddy boots so why not make it as cute as possible!! You can find some great mats, with your favourite quotes and patterns. They will make anyone smile from the moment they walk in!

Wall décor, shelves and hooks are a great way to add storage for an extra small space.. You can make any size work!! You just gotta know how to use it..

You are now ready to conquer your entryway. Don’t hold back. Let it become the essence of your home, so whoever is lucky enough to step foot under your roof can see a piece of you.


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