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April 2018

Why I love Country Chic Paint


We choose Country Chic Paint for way more reasons than it looks FREAKING INCREDIBLE! I’m going to tell you a little bit more about this fantastic company. Country Chic is Canadian!! A family from B.C. created the Country Chic company back in January 2014. They’ve grown like crazy since then but they seriously maintain a [...]

5 Tips To Make Your Entryway Spectacular!


The entryway is the first impression of your home. It’s the first space people see and can be a make or break to the vibe of your home. Luckily.. It can be the easiest and most creative space to decorate! Plus it’s a small enough space that you can make it look flipping fantastic on [...]

Mirror, mirror on the wall…


We’re all the queens of our own castles! But let’s be real.. Most of the time our mirrors aren’t our best friends.. So let’s talk about the best places to put them so they can do their job of enhancing our best assets!! Mirrors are an elegant tough to any room. They can add light, [...]